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“Loathing Magic” has got a cover!

cover_ENG_600The cover for the prequel story “Loathing Magic” is finished and it’s amazing!

I really cannot find better words to describe it (yes, I’m supposed to be a writer, but still…) And I cannot thank enough the artists that have made this possible.
Thank you very very much, Lois van Baarle for the amazing artwork! From the very moment I’ve seen it on Facebook (yes, I’m a fan of her digital art), I dreamed to – it depicts Elydia so well… and the aura, it’s like she’s breathing magic 🙂
Thank you also to my loyal and talented font designer, Juan Casco for letting me use the Marauders font, even before its release. It was indeed better than what I had tried before and it just fits perfectly.
Thank you to the graphic designers that provided advice or just gave me their opinion. If I didn’t study the best works (and had good taste,  let me gloat a bit), this result wouldn’t have been possible.

Since the novella is only available in parts to Wattpad, very few of you have seen it. It should be in all digital stores within a couple weeks as a free ebook. But now, let the picture speak for itself.

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