Do you want to know who is this guy? Read along.

Who is Guido?

Guido is a human being of male sex.

What does he do?

Among other things, he writes stories.

What kind of stories?

Anything that leaps the boundaries of our world and land in realms limited only by imagination.

Can I read something?

Of course!

On this website there is one free short-story, “Loathing Magic”, available soon in all digital formats; more will follow. You can read the first chapter on Wattpad, where you will find also other tales.

What about novels?

Guido wrote a duology called Ankan Saga, from the name of the main character, to be published this summer. When we’ll have more details, we’ll post them in the News section. Also, there’s a link to the Saga minisite in the main menu.

What about his personal life?

Guido is a very reserved person, keen of his privacy and private sphere, although you can contact him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. And of course here!

Can you tell me more?

Allright, allright! He is 30-something and currently lives in Milan, Italy. He has a variegated cultural background and interests, among which there are cats, chocolate and beautiful things. Like many, writing is not his primary occupation.

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